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Corporate responsibilty

Jet-Vac Systems has established a professional and highly skilled team. For nearly 30 years providing safe, efficient and cost-effective, single source and turnkey solutions for all aspects of specialist industrial cleaning and waste management.

We pride ourselves on our flexible, creative, proactive and responsive approach to finding environmentally friendly solutions for the challenges our customers face.

Health and safety

Safety is paramount at Jet-Vac Systems. We are very aware of the safety and environmental issues unique to our industry, and have developed in-house processes and training facilities to help our technicians consistently execute all operations safely, while still focusing on high quality and productivity. Our ongoing training programmes and the dedication of our teams ensure that we have an exemplary safety record and consistently exceed industry standards. We are OHSAS 18001 certified and continually evolve our health and safety strategies, looking for increasingly safer and more effective ways of working.

Quality management system

Jet-Vac Systems is an ISO 9001 certified company and undergoes annual external and internal audits to ensure that it continually operates in accordance with a quality management system. The Company is committed to carrying out all its operations in accordance not only with company standards and procedures, but also with customer requirements and the appropriate health and safety, and industry regulations.


At Jet-Vac Systems, bespoke in-house and specialised external training is part of our ongoing development strategy as set out in our quality management system, ensuring that all our technicians achieve the highest possible standards of qualification and training.

Environmental policy

Jet-Vac Systems is an environmentally responsible organisation and is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment. We are ISO 14001 certified and willingly comply with all legislation, regulations and industry codes associated with environmental impact. We have also set company standards where no legislation exists, to help us meet our overall objective to continually improve our environmental management.