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Energy From Waste Services

At Jet-Vac Systems we are experts in the cleaning of Anaerobic Digestion (AD), In-Vessel Composting (IVC) and Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) facilities throughout the UK.

Regular cleaning of facilities is necessary to optimise operating efficiency and prevent expensive equipment becoming clogged with grit, sand and organic residues.

Anaerobic digester cleaning is complex and many companies operate them in a run-to-failure mode.  This means they are only cleaned after several years of declining performance.  This results in foaming, unstable operation and declining volatile solids reduction and a reduction in digester gas production.

Our processing and de-gritting produces high quality, high value sludge for re-use in energy from waste facilities within the WATER 2020 market.

We were the first company in the UK to develop a dual separation system for the treatment of sludge.  We can separate rag and debris down to 4mm and grit down to 75 microns and any cleaned liquor is the returned on site for re-use or reprocessing.

We also supply and service carbon filter media exchanges for VOC odour control vessels.  Once removed the carbon is sent for regeneration so it can be used again. Whether its filter media for liquid or gasses we provide supply, exchange and disposal/recyling.


Shanks Frog Island filter media removal & replacement

Our range of specialist services include:

  • digester emptying and cleaning
  • processing of liquid waste
  • high pressure water jetting
  • building fabric cleaning
  • general vacuumation work
  • spillage removal
  • filter media collection, removal, exchange and disposal
  • chemical scrubber washing and flushing as well as packing removal and replacement
Shanks Frog Island bio filter bark removal

Summary of specialist EFW cleaning services:

EFW specialist cleaning services summary

Our customers include Fernbrook Bio, Thames Water, Shanks and Viridor.

Carbon removal & replacement

Customer references:

‘Our account manager does not come to me with problems, he provides me with solutions. He brings issues to my attention and tells me what he is going to do about it and this is invaluable’ - Cabot Norit Activated Carbon

Jet-Vac Systems always provide us with a flexible and reliable service, whilst consistently working within our site rules and RAMS.  We get excellent support from our technical sales advisor and I can definitely recommend their services.’ – Viridor 

98% of our customers are happy to refer us to colleagues and contacts.

Specialist AD plant cleaning at Fernbrook Bio

We operate in the safest, most environmentally friendly and cost effective way ensuring that facility downtime is as short a period as possible.

We work with all the UK water companies, energy companies , main contractors and waste management companies.

For further information please contact:

Jonathan Carr - Business Development Manager

07971 494 419