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We run one of the largest fleets of vacuum loaders in Europe and pride ourselves on offering the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to meet clients' requirements. It is rare to find a material that cannot be conveyed by our efficient and cost-effective vacuum technology.

Within the fleet we have Disab vacuum loaders and also the versatility of Amphitec Vortex® Hi-Lift machines, both of which are industrial vacuum / pressure tank units used for suction, blowing, discharging and handling of dry and wet products. The Hi-Lift units have the added advantage of a unique, hydraulic-supported rear lift mechanism, which can independently lift the rear and / or front of the tank and offers more flexibility for discharging into containers, skips, flo bins or bulk euro bags.

Jet-Vac Systems

Our vacuum technology operations include:

  • positive displacement pumps
  • air flow conveying
  • vacuum conveying
  • pneumatic transfer direct from truck or via Venturi Hoppers
  • sub-micronic filtration
  • anti-static V belts
  • low noise
  • chalwyn valve and spark arrestors
  • high lift system for filling skips / big bags


Jet-Vac Systems

Our technology enables us to:

  • efficiently move large quantities of powder, coarse particles, slurries and liquids over large distances through a hose with a maximum diameter of 8 inches.
  • attach a versatile economical screw compressor or a traditional roots blower
  • use a single unit to both retrieve material with suction, and then offload the material to the desired location with blowing mechanisms – no need to change units
  • blow with 2 Bar through a 3 or 4 inch hose
  • blow with 1 Bar through a maximum 6 inch hose for coarse products

Jet-Vac Systems vacuumation

Applications of our vacuumation operations include:

  • gas dehydration industry
  • power generation industry
  • cement works
  • flour mills
  • glass manufacturers
  • refineries
  • steel manufacturers
  • water and sewage plants
  • chemicals industry
  • recycling industry
  • insulation industry